+Line is one of the most popular alternator and starter brands in Europe and they are now available in the UK from Wood Auto.

+Line alternators and starters are high-quality, brand-new, and core-free. They are developed and produced following strict requirements and under international supervision, leading to a quality product at very competitive prices.

+Line is committed to product range development, launching new alternators and starters for the latest vehicles to keep you ahead of the market:

  • High quality - 0.7% warranty returns.
  • Over 7,000 SKUs for alternators and starters.
  • Built to meet OEM specifications.
  • Brand-new.
  • Core-free.

Original, Pro and Selected

+Line alternators and starters are available in upto three different quality grades to meet all market requirements:


+Line Original is the primary product range. It has the widest range of SKUs and has excellent product quality.

+Line Original parts have a 24 month warranty for passenger car applications and 18 months for all other applications.


+Line Pro is the highest quality and most advanced product range. +Line Pro alternators have OE regulators, INA pulleys, and NSK bearings.

+Line Pro parts have a 36 month warranty for passenger car applications and 24 months for other all applications.


+Line Selected is the most cost-effective solution. +Line Selected products are available for certain price-critical markets or products.

+Line Selected parts have a 12 month warranty for all applications.