Wood Auto is now part of the PSH Group

We are pleased to announce that Wood Auto has been acquired by Pos Service Holland (PSH). From 28 January 2022, Wood Auto Supplies Ltd is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PSH Group. The combined strengths of Wood Auto and PSH will create a UK market leader in rotating-electrics.

Wood Auto will continue to operate as before - under the Wood Auto name, with the same team, and from the same locations.

The PSH Group is a major international distributor of alternators and starters with sites in eight countries and over 250,000sqft of warehouse capacity. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the group now has facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, China, and Taiwan.

The group manufactures and distributes its own comprehensive range of high-quality aftermarket alternators and starters alongside genuine products from all the world’s major rotating-electrical OEMs.

For more information on PSH, please visit psh.nl.